NCR VOYIX Corporation (NYSE: VYX) is a leading global provider of digital commerce solutions for the retail, restaurant and banking industries. NCR VOYIX is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with approximately 16,000 employees in 35 countries across the globe. For nearly 140 years, we have been the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, turning everyday consumer interactions into meaningful moments. Today, NCR VOYIX transforms the stores, restaurants and digital banking experiences with cloud-based, platform-led SaaS and services capabilities.

General NCR Voyix benefits:

  • Flexible work model
  • Private health insurance for employees
  • Employee assistance program (mental health, legal and economic counseling…)
  • Baby bonus and New Year’s packages
  • Discounts for employees at NCR partners
  • Café, canteen, parties and various other events

Milorad Simic

ESG Strategy Lead  |  Global DE&I Council |  Prague, Czechia
My favorite part of being part of NCR Voyix is having fun while turning everything I do into meaningful experiences for my customers. It’s been like that in every role I’ve had here. At NCR Voyix, it’s like a white canvas—I get the opportunity to paint the landscape that will become our guiding strategy and to create something that we can all, as one NCR Voyix, be proud of. In ESG, Corporate Sustainability and Community Engagement sphere, it comes down to strategy backed up by numbers and making an impact through our global footprint, while bringing positive change in the process. The culture is also so unique to NCR Voyix compared to all the other places I’ve worked. I would have to say the culture of open access is the most unique part. You can always find people to talk to and learn different things from, and for me that’s exactly what teamwork is. That’s how you facilitate innovation and growth, professionally and personally.

Nina Capric

Government Relations Manager |  External Affairs  |  Belgrade, Serbia
Best part of my job with NCR Voyix are my colleagues and the variety of projects we are working on. The atmosphere on the external affairs team is so beyond fantastic and full of understanding, which makes work so much fun even though there’s an entire ocean separating me from my teammates. Since external affairs encompasses so many different projects, engagements and events, I always get to be involved in something creative while working with and meeting people from all walks of life, which is beyond amazing.